Our Story

Elk Point Drilling was founded by Joe Topilka back in 1950. The company was originally located in Elk Point, Alberta which is where the name came from. After only a short time in business, Joe moved both the family and business to Edmonton, Alberta.

Joe found it easier to run the drilling company from a bigger center firstly in seismic drilling then in the water well industry. Within the industry, Joe had many “firsts”. He was the first drilling company in western Canada to successfully use stainless steel sand screens. He also incorporated oilfield technology such as the first electric logger that was used in the completion of water wells in western Canada.

These two innovations brought the art of drilling water wells from a hit & miss and relatively un-scientific approach of water dowsing, to a modern age of technology and enabled the completion of wells where previous methods were unsuccessful.

As time went on, Joe’s only son, Jerry, became active in the company. Jerry was able to take Joe’s ideas and perfect them. Jerry became confident enough to claim, and guarantee, sand-free water wells. A first then and even today this guarantee still applies. Jerry was also one of the first to run PVC casing as well as developed the first threaded PVC well casing.

Jerry bought out his father, Joe, and with the help of his long time partner, John Soloninko, they expanded the company to where it is today. Jerry moved Elk Point Drilling to the Spruce Grove & Stony Plain area in 1968.

Early Days

Elk Point Drilling has gone from domestic water wells to large commercial and municipal projects. Over the years, they have had their equipment dragged through the bush in Fort McMurray before any roads existed, worked in the high Arctic,
completed several years of ground water mapping throughout Saskatchewan,
drilled in almost every area of Saskatchewan and Alberta, completed core projects for several diamond companies, the oil sands as well as completed and developed oilfield source wells.

Jerry has always been a major contributor to the drilling industry as a whole by participating as an officer or director of the Alberta Water Well Drilling Association for over 40 years. As well as initiating an apprenticeship program for well drilling and then instructing for many years. His loyalty and dedication to this association has only been matched by a few.


Elk Point Drilling has expanded from one rig and some rented equipment to a fleet of drilling rigs and support equipment capable of drilling, auguring and boring holes from 4” to 48” in diameter including drilling on a rig substructure for wells to 400 m.

Jerry’s son, Kelly, has always worked within the company. However, over the past few years Kelly has had the opportunity to work in different fields expanding his knowledge of the drilling industry which will enable him to continue to grow the company in today’s evolving market. From being a small boy going out to work with his father to drilling and supervising larger projects, Kelly has always been involved with the company.

Kelly has also completed a two year groundwater engineering program from NAIT, completed the water well apprenticeship course, worked for the Alberta Research Council as well as working for an oilfield company for several years as a rig manager. Kelly is a Journeyman Water Well Driller, Journeyman Oilfield Rig Tech III Driller, has a current Oilfield Second Line Ticket and several other oilfield safety tickets.

Elk Point Drilling is a Family Run Business.

Family Run

Family Run

Elk Point Drilling is a family business. The Topilka family has been drilling water wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan for over 60 years.

Jerry Topilka

Jerry Topilka


Using the latest technology and equipment, Jerry was able to drill wells that no one could. Innovation and hard work has made Elk Point Drilling Corp. the go to drilling company for residential and commercial services.

A Family Affair

A Family Affair

Four Generations of the Topilka Family.

A true family tradition, Elk Point was started by Joe Topilka in 1950. Jerry took over the family business in 1968, and now Kelly is leading the way in growing and expanding the company.