Residential Services

Water Well Services

Water Well

Specializing in wells 4” to 10” completed with PVC casing

Environmental Services

  • Contamination sites
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Auger drilling services, hollow & solid stem
  • Geotechnical services

Well Servicing

  • Pumps (1/2 hp to 60 hp)
  • Pump Installations
  • Pump Testing
  • Pressure Systems
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Well reclamation
  • Well abandonment

Unique Services

  • Electric Logging (SP, Resistance)
  • Gamma Logging
  • Electric and Gamma Logging Interpretation
  • Down hole video camera to 1000 ft
  • Drill through diverters
  • Data recorders

Test Drilling

Elk Point Drilling removed the doubt and took the art of well drilling from the mystique of “dowsing or witching” and the “hit or miss” approach of dry holes to the leading edge of technology.

Elk Point Drilling has used the same technology to identify water bearing formations since the early 1950s. The extensive library of E-logs and well reports on record may assist in locating your water supply.

Electric Logging

The scientific approach to formation logging, was developed by the Petroleum and Mining industries to help locate and identify oil or mineral producing formations.