Pride in workmanship and doing the job professionally is what sets us apart.

Elk Point Drilling Corp. (EPDC) spends the time to do it right the first time.

• Wells, up to 20 inches, PVC or Steel Casing

• Oilfield Source Wells

• Groundwater Monitoring / Observation Wells

• Commercial / Industrial / Municipal Water Wells

• Well Rehabilitation

• Well Reclamation

• Well Abandonment

• DeWatering Projects

• Test Drilling

• Aquifer Testing

• Electric Logging & Interpretation

• Gamma Logging & Interpretation

• Downhole Video Camera, to 1000 ft

• Pumps, ½ hp to 60 hp

• Pump Testing (2hrs to 48hrs)

• Pump and VFD Installations

• Freeze Holes

• WireLine Coring

• Casing Hammers

• Drill Thru Diverters

• Environmental Services

• Auger Services, hollow & solid stem

• Contamination Sites

• Geotechnical Services

• Various Environmental Sampling

Please visit the EPDC Environmental Services Page for more information on those services.


We have drilled thousands of water wells throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan from 1950 to present.

We have experience with different types of wells and different types of drilling:

• Lined Wells (machined PVC)

• Screened Wells (machined PVC and Stainless Steel)

• Large & Small Diameter Holes (2” to 16”)

• Under-Reamed Wells

• Mud Rotary Drilling

• Air Drilling

• Dual Rotary Drilling (up to 16”)

• Auger Drilling

• Coring

• Hammer Drilling / Casing Hammer

• Down Hole Hammer

Please visit the EPDC Safety Page for information on our COR Certification and HSE Safety Program.

EPDC is a Federal Carrier allowing unrestricted movement between provinces.

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