Pride in workmanship and doing the job professionally is what sets us apart.

Elk Point Drilling Corp. (EPDC) spends the time to do it right the first time.

•  Contamination Sites / Environmental Drilling

•  Groundwater Monitoring

•  Auger Drilling Services, Hollow & Solid Stem

•  Geotechnical Services

•  SPT Sampling

•  Split Spoon Sampling

• Shelby Tube Sampling

• VibeWire Installations

• Slope Indicators

• Laskey Coring

• Grouting Capabilities

• Shallow Water Wells

• Shallow Monitoring / Observation Wells

Please visit the EPDC Commercial Services Page
for more information on those services.

Please visit the EPDC Safety Page for information on our COR Certification and HSE Safety Program.

EPDC is a Federal Carrier allowing unrestricted movement between provinces.