“I was extremely satisfied with the well cleaning service provided by Elk Point Drilling.  I had tried to remedy our well problem with other companies and was unsuccessful.  Elk Point solved our problem quickly and efficiently.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

          Ron N.


“My pump ceased to work, so I felt that (because) an EPDC representative was at a county well seminar, this fact gave me the indication that they might be genuine in supporting the county residence well concerns. They responded in a timely period and were very resourceful in solving my problem as well as the subsequent problem of the replacement pump failure.  In addition, power cable failure problem was corrected. Overall I was very satisfied and will recommend them to any neighbor.”

          Albert B., Spruce Grove area


“They wasted no time and although they encountered a few unexpected issues, they stayed until the job was done and I had water again. The EPDC representative took the time to explain what they were doing, what should come next, etc., as well as to provide helpful hints on future well maintenance.  Not only will I have Elk Point Drilling chlorinate my well properly this summer, I will use them for all my future well needs and would absolutely recommend them to anyone in need of well repair, well maintenance or the drilling of a new well. Thanks to EPDC for a great job and excellent service!”

          Cindy T., Spruce Grove area




“Elk Point Drilling installed a water well and monitoring well for industrial use on our property.  We selected Elk Point because their budget to perform the work was better than other bids we received and they executed the agreed scope of work within that budget, which speaks to their business integrity.  We had some internal delays getting started and Elk Point handled them with patience and flexibility.  They were a one-stop shop for drilling the well, testing it, and preparing regulatory applications.  We will continue to use them for any future well drilling applications.”

          John B., Heartland Sulphur LP


“The team at EPDC were head and shoulders above the competition from the outset of the bidding process.  That exemplary performance continued without fail all the way through the program from the moment the bid was awarded to the final invoicing. Their assistance in planning the field program was invaluable. The professionalism and safety engagement of their field crews was unparalleled when compared to any other subcontractor I have worked with, drillers or otherwise. The few minor hiccups in the field were resolved quickly and easily.  The invoicing process was painless and cooperative. I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone who can use their services.”

Jen H., Golder Associates


“Elk Point Drilling has been selected to be included for the submission of an RFQ because of its industrial reputation for delivering a high quality product, on time and within budgetary constraints.”

          Name Withheld


“Thank you very much to you and your crew for performing an excellent job on our project. Talking with our field supervisory staff, they had very positive things to say about Elk Point Drilling.”

          Name Withheld




“We have used EPDC for several projects, drilling industrial wells, conduct clean out and conditioning on existing WSW’s, as well as service jobs and testing. The knowledge base of the crews, condition of equipment, work ethic, environment concern and high regard to safety is to say the least, Top Notch! I have and will continue to recommend EPDC to others and look forward to continued use of EPDC here at PennWest in the future!”

          Greg M., PennWest Petroleum


“I’m really happy with the accuracy they got on the holes.  Our guys on site had nothing but compliments about the EPDC crew.  We appreciate the work you’ve done for us despite a bit of a challenging start in getting onto the lease in the first place.

          Name Withheld


“Recognizing that it is a team effort, the Goalie Award represents passion, focus, intensity, communication, poise, teamwork, tenacity, drive, preparation, conditioning, alertness, determination, shared leadership and wears the appropriate protective equipment with a single purpose – the Achievement of Goal Zero. The Game Puck is awarded for demonstration of one or more of the above attributes.”


(Elk Point Drilling received the “Goalie of the Month” award from Shell for our awareness and quick action on recognizing the very beginnings of a sink hole near our drilling rig, which had the potential to be a very serious safety incident. Our crew was very quick and professional in getting our equipment off the immediate drilling site.)